Friday, 28 July 2017

Dance Plus 3 Voting Missed Call Numbers, Online Vote, SMS System

Star Plus is back with Dance Plus Season 3 reality Show and it is the Ek Level Up Dance Reality Show among the Contestants and Crew in Teams of Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak. Now The Voting for the Contestants Starts as Only one will be the Winner Based on the Public Voting System.

Dance +3 Contestants Performed with the International Dance Champions in Remo D'Souza's Squad and based on their Selection and Further Performances, One will be the Winner of the Dance Plus Season 3.

1) Aryan Patra - Team Dharmesh Missed Call Number - 18005321103
2) Ayush & Mukesh - Team Punit Pathak Missed Call No - 18005321106
3) AVP Crew from - Punit Pathak Missed Call No - 18005321105 
4) Shree Rama Nataka Niketan - Team Shakti Mohan Missed Call- 18005321104
5) Amardeep Singh Natt - Team Dharmesh Missed Call No - 18005321108
6) Bir Radha Sherpa - Team Punit Pathak Missed Call Number - 18005321107
7) Tarun and Shivani - Team Dharmesh Missed Call No - 18005321101
8) House of Suraj -  Team Punit Missed Call Number - 18005321102

See the List of the Dance+3 Contestants and Voting Missed Call Numbers for them.

Dance Plus 3 Voting details Missed Call Number Available Here. Vote for your Favorite.
Contestant Image Vote
Aryan Patra aryan 18005321103
Ayush and Mukesh ayush mukesh 18005321106
AVP Crew avp 18005321105
Shree Rama Nataka Niketan srnn 18005321104
Amardeep Singh Natt amardeep 18005321108 
Bir Radha Sherpa bir radha sherpa 18005321107 
Tarun and Shivani tarun shivani 18005321101 
House of Suraj house of suraj 18005321102

Keep Watching Dance +3 Every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Channel and Support your Favorite Dancer Contestants on Remo D'Souza's Show to make Winner.

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  1. I 👍vote 4 Aryan patra
    I pray to god U winner..

  2. I vote for Bir Radha Sherpa 07

  3. i vote for Bir Radha Sherpa 07

  4. Amardeep singh your are really aswm and superrb luv u and best of luck

  5. Ayush and muskesh superb ur beyond d limits ur and best of luck
    From-arjun ku sinku ur biggest fan

  6. Dance+ is superb oustanding etc
    Guyz support your contestant with lots of luv
    From-Arjun kumar sinku

  7. I vote for amardeep Singh natt ��������

  8. I ��vote 4 Bir Radha Sherpa
    I pray to god U winner..

  9. Kishor Shrestha
    18 September 2071 a5 12:58
    I vote for Bir Radha Sherpa

  10. I vote for Aryan patra ...������������
    All the best

  11. South Indian Actor and Dancer Amardeep is really very good dancer. i like his dance very much. He is popular Celebrity and my favorite in this day

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  13. Dancer Amardeep is very good dancer and well known Celebrity i am a big fan of her.

  14. Yeah Amardeep is really good dancer and he deserve the crown of Dance Plus Celebrity

  15. DID3 is a world class show and is a great platform for dreams to become celebrities oneday

  16. DID is a great show for every latented man/women. This is a good platform for you experience.
    please visit know more talented celebrities Geet World